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Ride Anywhere in Syracuse for $24.00

Ride Anywhere
in Syracuse for $24.00*
One Way

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We are the
Top Rated
Medical Transport Company in CNY

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We Taxi the Handicapped and Shuttle Anyone Anywhere in Central
New York

We Clean
and Disinfect


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Live, Learn, Work and Play in Central New York - We will get You There, Safely, Comfortably and Economically: 315/477-1487...

Why Ride with Empire DM?


1We are the low-price senior-citizen and handicapped transportation leader in Central New York. Furthermore, anyone can travel with us for as little as $24.00 one way. We also accept Medicaid, Workers Comp and Disability Insurance riders and bill accordingly.


2We are a senior-citizen and handicapped transportation services firm dedicated to the stewardship of our clients. We don’t just pick you up and take your from Point A to Point B. Our drivers assume direct responsibility for taking care of all our passengers’ traveling needs with the professionalism, caring and teamwork that is so welcome but unusual today.


3We care about cleanliness! Keeping our riders and drivers healthy is a top priority for us at Empire DM Non-Emergency Medical Transportation. Accordingly, Empire DM is committed to health and cleanliness: our per-trip disinfecting process is the only one we know of in the industry and helps eliminate germs (viruses, bacteria and fungi) to prevent the spread of illness.


4One look at our Testimonials Webpage will clearly compel you to call us for your next outing! We have received recommendation letters and endorsements from the largest healthcare facilities in Central New York. Moreover, 100′s of people like you have written us to provide their own tributes to the level of service, cleanliness and professionalism we serve our customers with every day of the year.

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