Empire DM, Inc. – Safety Second to None

Empire DM, Inc.’s success can be attributed to its ongoing commitment to the safe and caring transport of our clients. Accordingly, Empire DM, Inc., launched a drivers’ safety program called ACCIDENTS HURT – SAFETY DOESN’T. The drivers’ safety program was designed by Carol McLoughlin, the principal of the firm in conjunction with Empire DM Inc.’s Safety Training Officer Cindy Bealey.

Cindy is currently certified by the Department of Transportation (DOT) as a 19A Safety Examiner. According to Cindy Bealey, the Empire DM, Inc., Drivers’ Safety Program: ACCIDENTS HURT – SAFETY DOESN’T, is the first comprehensive drivers’ safety program of its kind in New York State for an ADA paratransit company.

ACCIDENTS HURT – SAFETY DOESN’T- Empire DM, Inc. Drivers’ Safety Program

1.) A quarterly drivers’ training class: this 3 hour class instructs and demonstrates how drivers should conduct themselves during seasonally inclement weather. Additionally, ambulette, van and mini-bus safety assessments are made to assist drivers with the implementation of their tools. GPS and when to use the systems and when not to, wheelchair ramp safely, properly navigate all kinds of parking situations, proper distribution of passengers and their belongings and reviews of each driver’s record.

2.) Random and surprise – in the field observation of drivers. Empire DM, Inc.’s Safety Training Officer Cindy Bealey follows drivers to observe and record his/her driving habits.

3.) Random and surprise, in-vehicle observation of drivers performance. Empire DM, Inc.’s Safety Training Officer Cindy Bealey evaluates drivers’ safety habits.

4.) GPS trackers in vehicles continually monitor speed, hard braking and reckless driving.

5.) Complete 19A training so as to have every driver qualified to exceed and comply with Article 19-A of the NYS Vehicle and Traffic Law. Empire DM, Inc.’s Safety Training Program leads all drivers through the requisite courses and tests which include:

> Completion of pre-employment and biennial medical examinations and any required follow-ups
> Submission of pre-employment and annual driver license abstracts
> Surrendering of fingerprints of school bus drivers for a DCJS & FBI criminal history review
> Accomplishment of annual defensive driving observations
> Completion of biennial road tests
> Attainment of biennial oral and written tests

Empire DM, Inc., drivers all exceed the Article 19-A NYS Vehicle and Traffic Law minimum requirements to driver for Empire DM, Inc. And do so to the extent that Empire DM, Inc., safety record is one of the best in the nation.

6.) Biennial medical examinations

7.) Pre-hire criminal and background checks

8.) Random alcohol and drug testing

9.) Bonuses for accident free years

Questions About Empire DM, Inc., Drivers’ Safety Program?

For questions about Empire DM, Inc., Drivers’ Safety Program, ACCIDENTS HURT – SAFETY DOESN’T, please call a Mobility Specialist at 315-477-1487.