About Empire DM, Inc., Non-Emergency Medical Transport

Taxi and Medical Transport in One

  • 100,000+ Yearly Safe Transports

    Empire DM, Inc., is a client-focused safety-driven transportation company that each year delivers over 100,000 safe non-emergency medical transportation non-ambulatory and ambulatory journeys. Empire DM, Inc., employs over 100 people through its three divisions in New York State. Empire DM, Inc., is a specialist in ADA PARATRANSIT transportation.

  • Personal and Group Transports

    Far reaching in New York State, yet personal in nature, Empire DM, Inc., is a non-emergency transportation for everyone that needs the services of a taxi and medical transport in one. Empire DM, Inc., has served the needs of the disabled and elderly for over 30 years with prices that are the lowest – and client satisfaction that is the highest – in the industry.

Mission: Best Prices Best Practices

  • Low-Price Transport Leader

    Having the best price in our industry is our mission. Empire DM, Inc., is the low-price senior-citizen and handicapped transportation leader in New York State. We accept all riders including those that have Medicaid, Workers Comp and Disability Insurance. Furthermore, we accept cash, check and most major credit cards for payment.

  • Service with Integrity

    Empire DM, Inc., is a senior-citizen and handicapped non-emergency transportation services firm dedicated to the stewardship of our clients. We don’t just pick you up and take your from Point A to Point B. Our drivers assume direct responsibility for taking care of all our passengers’ traveling needs with the professionalism, caring and teamwork that is so welcome but unusual today.

  • Accolades

    One look at our Testimonials Webpage will clearly compel you to call us for your next outing! Empire DM, Inc., Medical Transportation has received recommendation letters and endorsements from the largest healthcare facilities in Central New York. Moreover, hundreds of people like you have written in to provide their own tributes and testimonials to the level of service, cleanliness and professionalism we serve our customers with every day of the year.

  • Keeping our riders and drivers healthy

    Empire DM, Inc., is committed to health and cleanliness: our pre-trip disinfecting process is the only one we know of in the industry. It purpose is to help eliminate germs (viruses, bacteria and fungi) to prevent the spread of illness.

  • Keeping our riders and drivers Safe

    Empire DM, Inc., has all of its drivers take rigorous third-party designed driver safety programs. We are the only firm in the industry that we know of that trains its drivers having written driver safety policies and procedures including driver agreements, Motor Vehicle Record (MVR) checks, crash reporting and investigation, vehicle selection, maintenance and inspection, and all with a disciplinary action system and reward program to develop the greatest drivers in the industry.

  • Best-in-Class Fleet Serviced by Best-in-Class Mechanics

    Our late-model fleet of minivans, minibuses, wheelchair vans and passenger vans are all serviced and maintained within our brand new state-of-the-art 8000 square-foot operations and services facility. Our team of ASE Certified Mechanics have decades of experience. Your safety is our #1 priority.

  • Go Safely with our Global Positioning System

    We live track all our vehicles via satellite! Global Positioning Systems (GPS) real time vehicle tracking, live real time vehicle speed tracking and live real time vehicle breaking condition sensors coupled with live weather forecasting for our drivers, dispatch personnel and management team assures you will get to your destination safely.

  • Cutting Edge Dispatch Management

    Our vehicles are equipped with cutting-edge Global Positioning Systems (GPS) by way of satellite connected tablets to allow real time positioning and two-way communications with our dispatch and management team. We will get you where you are going!

Empire DM, Inc., is a Woman Owned Business

  • Woman Owned

    Empire DM, Inc., is currently certified as a Woman Owned Business Enterprise by the Office of Minority/Women Owned Businesses and Community Relations under the auspices of the Office of General Services in New York State. As such, we are in the unique position in the New York Medical Transportation field to help your facility with the best services and prices in the industry. If you are a hospital or care facility please contact us to facilitate your contracted non-emergency medical transportation needs.

  • Clients

    New York State Department of Health (Medicade Transportation Provider), New York State Office for People with Developmental Disabilities, VNA Home Care Options, Onondaga Community College, Fidelis and 1000’s of others….